About Us

Probably the oldest family owned garage in England

Established in 1919 just after the first word war, now over 100 years ago, Bert Gelsthorpe and Frank Pratt began an engineering business in Baldertongate Newark.

Supplying services to local businesses they flourished and expanded into motor bike sales and service, electricity generation for the town pre-national grid and by 1923 added what was to become their main focus, an Austin dealership.

The relationship continued with Austin as it evolved into BMC, then British Leyland and finally Rover. But by 1988 in a changing market the decision was taken to part company with Rover. 

Which brings us to the present and the successful collaboration with Peugeot, now in its 32nd year .

By 1975 Berts son John found himself in sole control of the company, In 1988 under his management Pratt & Gelsthorpe become the main Peugeot dealer for Newark and surrounding villages.

That decision has never been regretted, and the addition of Peugeot scooter sales and service to the business marked another sucessful evolution.

With Johns retirement, Richard, his son stepped up and now runs the company, He, his family and staff ensure that the personal service that has served the business so well for so many years still continues keeping present customers and attracting new.